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Handmade with love   |   100% Made-in-Germany   |   Delivery EU-wide   |   Accessories free shipping from 100€   |   Contact: +49 160 96643225 Handmade with love    |    100% Made-in-Germany    |    Delivery EU-wide    |    Accessories free shipping from 100€    |    Contact: +49 160 96643225
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    The wine rack for all who want to store their wine stylishly. Modern it nestles with its narrow design to any wall. Handmade with love in northern Germany from regional wood.

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    Racks are versatile. And as different as they look, they are also used in different ways. Our wine rack doesn't have to remain a wine rack either. Customers also use it for spirits, water or even olive oils. We are not angry if it is misused, on the contrary, we are happy about ideas! Being creative is allowed!


    Das perfekte Geschenk: Einmal eingekuschelt, möchtest Du nicht mehr vom Sofa runter. Atmungsaktive Baumwolle mit Kuschelfaktor².

    Die Kombination von Baumwolle im gestrickten Muster und einem extra
    weichen Wellnessfleece ergibt eine Kuscheldecke in einer Qualität, die
    Du so nirgends finden kannst.


    Gratis wine!

    New in the range! The first 10 buyers of our new wine rack Hanglage Mini get a bottle of wine for free!

    For all those who want to store their wine stylishly. Unlike its big sister, the new rack has room for 10 wine bottles. With a length of 80 cm, it fits on any wall - whether in the living room or kitchen!

    Naturally handmade from regional wood in Northern Germany with love. 100% sustainable Made-in-Germany!

    To the MINI wine rack

    Our Wine racks

    Modern, timeless and high quality! Handmade with love in Germany sustainable, made to measure for your ceiling height!

    We have different colors to match your decor! Wood, white or in your favorite color. For 26 wine bottles or 22 wine and 4 champagne bottles!

    Which variant do you like best?

    Also usable as a beverage shelf for all other bottles such as water, spirits or beer! Your favorite drink always within reach.

    Wine enjoyment without pulling the cork!

    Do you feel like a glass of wine at the end of the day, but it's not worth it to open a whole bottle right away? Thanks to the Coravin system, that problem is now a thing of the past! Check out a short videoon how it works!

    In addition to Model 3 and Model 6, you'll also find accessoriesfor the Coravin system as well as all things wine.

    NEU: Wild Candles

    Mounting the wine rack

    The assembly of our wine rack is easier than that of a curtain rod and faster than a cabinet from Ikea - promised! Two holes in the ceiling, three screws and already stands your new eye-catcher! For additional stability provide two invisible built-in feet that press against the floor. Easy to unscrew with an allen wrench. Check out our various wine racks.

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    About us

    About us

    Hi! I'm Katrin, the founder of Hanglage.

    I was born with the love for design and wood. Later, my passion for wine was added. This resulted in Hanglage. Modern, timeless and of high quality. My carpentry is an owner-managed company in the region. This not only manufactures in Northern Germany, but also sources everything regionally. Like this we guarantee it is 100 % Made-in-Germany.

    I have also selected our accessory brands appropriately. Modern, noble and so special that they are simply a pleasure. Have fun in Shop.

    What our customers say

    Stephan: "Clearly craftsmanship and not standard industrial goods. We were given first class advice."

    Annemarie: "Attaching it to the ceiling was quite easy and with the small adjustable feet it now stands firmly and securely. "

    Philip: "Good customer service and fast delivery! "

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