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Handmade with love   |   100% Made-in-Germany   |   Delivery EU-wide   |   Accessories free shipping from 100€   |   Contact: +49 160 96643225 Handmade with love    |    100% Made-in-Germany    |    Delivery EU-wide    |    Accessories free shipping from 100€    |    Contact: +49 160 96643225


Wooden wine rack | Hanglage Mini incl. 10 wine bottles

€299,00 inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand

Delivery time: 2-4 days

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  • Wood: Solid oak
  • Colour: Nature oiled
  • Delivery includes 10 wine bottles worth 100€
  • Handmade with love
  • 100% Made-in-Germany
  • Space for 10 wine bottles
  • 10 years warranty

The perfect gift for wine lovers! If you do not want to give away the shelf empty or need to replenish your wine stock, this offer is ideal for you! Because we deliver to the wine rack directly 10 bottles of delicious wine! Thus, the shelf comes fully stocked! Of course, we have tasted each wine before and found good!

Our new wooden wine rack for the wall is so to speak the little sister of our large wine rack Hanglage. Each shelf Hanglage Mini is lovingly handcrafted in northern Germany and offers space for 10 wine bottles.

Free wine - promotion for the market launch

The first 10 buyers get a bottle of wine for free with the order of the wine rack Hanglage Mini!

The bottle has a value of 10 € and is a very tasty Vintner's Selection, the own wine from Capreo, the wine supplier for premium wines from South Africa.

Length: 80 cm
Width: 4 cm (incl. bottles: approx. 55 cm)
Depth: 12 cm

Scope of delivery and what kind of wine is delivered?
The wine rack is delivered incl. 10 wine bottles worth 100€.

By default we deliver 5 white wine and 5 red wine bottles. If you want a different composition, for example, only white or only red wine, then please leave us a message in the comment field during the ordering process. Alternatively, write us an email with the order number ( or a message via our contact form.

The wine bottles come from a wine merchant we trust. All wines that we order for you have been tested and approved beforehand!

The wines can vary. What remains is the taste and the value. We guarantee that each bottle of wine has a minimum value of 10€!

How and where is production carried out?
Quality, sustainability and fairness are our top priorities. This is also how we select our partners. Our owner-managed carpentry is located near Hamburg, Germany, which not only manufactures in northern Germany, but also sources all materials from Germany. The wine rack Hanglage is therefore made in Germany from the ground up. Regional wood, regional manufacturing.

How to fix the wine rack?
Mounting is very simple and goes very quickly.

The rack is attached to the wall with only two screws. After two holes and four screws screwed in, your new slope wine rack hangs stable and secure.

All necessary screws are included in the delivery.

Are there assembly instructions?

Yes, a detailed assembly instruction is included in the delivery.

Can the rack be used only for wine?
No, the rack can be used to store all bottles and beverages in general. Customers also store water, spirits or beer in it. Maybe you can think of another use?

Who is behind Hanglage?
I am Katrin, the founder of Hanglage. I was born with a love of design and wood. Later, my passion for wine was added. This is how Hanglage came into being. Modern, timeless and high quality.

Quality is very important to me, as is sustainability. That's why our wine rack is Made-in-Germany and not off the shelf.

Our wine accessories are selected brands. With the Danish design of Vagnbys and the special wine system of Coravin I complete our store.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to help you personally:

Phone: +49 160 96643225
Or write me a message via the contact form.

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